Posted Date: 11 September 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

Why Networking Can Be The Breakthrough Skill in Your Real Estate Career

"If there would be any advice I could give you that can 10X your business in the next 30 days, it would be: NETWORK like your life depends on it. I believe that in the real estate world of business, networking is more important than ever. Recently a real estate agent came to me with..."
Posted Date: 28 August 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

Real Estate Investing: What Everyone Should Know Before Investing In Real Estate

"Till today, many Malaysians aspire to own their first piece of real estate. It has been hardwired into our brains that real estate is “The Number 1 Investment” to have. And the problem is many Malaysians have the common struggle of saving up enough money to make that initial investment..."
Posted Date: 21 August 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

We Need More Real Estate Leaders To Create More Real Estate Professionals

Many years ago I hired a coach to help me with some challenges in my real estate business. As a team leader in a very fast-growing real estate company, I was having a hard time to find a balance between my personal sales and my responsibilities as a leader. Before I go deeper on ..."
Posted Date: 07 August 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

Recruitment For Real Estate Leaders : The Do's and Don'ts

"If you’re a team leader or sales manager for a real estate agency/team, it’s no surprise that recruitment is one of your top priorities. Although it’s not a surprise, it’s interesting to see that many team leaders and sales managers don’t really focus on recruitment. Recruitment i..."
Posted Date: 31 July 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

Secrets of the World’s Best Real Estate Team Leaders

"Real estate team leaders or team managers are one of the most challenging positions in the real estate industry. Many take the leap in jumping from individual sales to becoming a team leader. Most of them without any understanding of what it means to become a leader or even ready to become a lead..."
Posted Date: 24 July 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

The Most Common Distractions In Real Estate That Holds You From Doing More Business

"Real estate agents these days face a crazy number of distractions in their day-to-day activities, which can make staying focused and working hard on a single task difficult without being sidetracked. For real estate professionals, time is money, and distractions can become a costly source..."
Posted Date: 17 July 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

The Truth of Selling Real Estate Listings

"You may have heard of the term ‘’listing’’ in your real estate career. You definitely should have as this is one of the most important agreements in your path to building strong revenue. To be clear, let’s first go to the definition. A listing is an agreement that repre..."
Posted Date: 10 July 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

Don’t Make These Mistakes If You Plan to Build A Real Estate Team!

"Building a real estate team is a lot like building an actual house. You have a wishlist of the things you want in your house. You draw up plans, set a budget. and get to work. But are you the architect? Or the construction worker? Or maybe, you’re both? If you answered anything..."
Posted Date: 03 July 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

The Ugly Truth About Lead Generation in Real Estate

"Where do I get my leads? How much should I spend on lead generation? What tools should I use to get myself high-quality leads? These are just a handful of questions I get almost every day from our clients. And to be honest, they are very good questions. However, they come from a specific ..."
Posted Date: 15 May 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

The Winning Formula for Real Estate Success

"Focus on building the one thing that can BOOST your real estate business! If you want a profitable real estate career, don’t build a website or invest heavily in Facebook advertising. The SECRET to building a successful real estate career (if you can call it that) isn’t in the ..."
Posted Date: 02 May 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

Give Your Real Estate Agent a Hug. They Deserve It!

"There’s a statistic you can find on the internet that shows 87% of real estate professionals will fail within 5 years in the industry. This number freaks me out. It makes me wonder, what made the other 13% stay? Real estate is a constant up and down journey. You won't ..."
Posted Date: 20 March 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

The Secret To Becoming A High Paid Real Estate Professional

"WARNING: Do Not Read This If You Are Against Being High Paid As A Professional Salesperson Look, I get it. You don’t want to be seen as ‘salesy’ or ‘pushy’. But your clients a crying themselves to sleep every night because you weren’t aggressive enough in your cal..."
Posted Date: 05 March 2019                  Posted By :PropCoach

Why Am I Not Selling As A Real Estate Agent?

"How to crush doubt when you’re trying to break a sales rut in your real estate career? It’s easy to become demotivated about your real estate business when you follow crappy advice that doesn’t work. You follow it, you don’t get a result, you doubt yourself. Th..."
Posted Date: 27 Feb 2019                      Posted By :PropCoach

How To Set Achievable Real Estate Goals

"Use this template to use achievable real estate goals. Think of it as a Results-oriented/Purpose-driven/Massive Action Plan. 1) What do I really want? What’s the outcome I’m after? What’s the specific measurable result? The more precise, the stronger it is. (For exam..."
Posted Date: 28 Jan 2019                      Posted By :PropCoach

3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Career in 2019!

"Looking to grow your real estate career in 2019? Cool, so do a million other real estate agents, negotiators, and consultants. But if you’re still wondering what it takes to build your real estate empire, you might want to finish this blog. You’ve probably got ques..."
Posted Date: 18 Jan 2019                      Posted By :PropCoach

What's New in PropCoach 2019 and The 5 Steps to Successful New Year Resolutions

"Welcome back to PropCoach! And a Happy New Year! Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continuous love and support in 2018. You as part of the real estate industry and the community has been a major part of our motivation to push forward in transforming the industry into a better, more po..."
Posted Date: 19 Nov 2018                      Posted By :PropCoach

The 3 Basic Real Estate Marketing Niches and How To Succeed In Them

"Real estate is a competitive business. However, choosing a real estate niche is one of the stratgeies that can help you expand and market your business efficiently and productively. Following up on our previous article on 5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Real Estate Marketing Niche , we now list do..."

Posted Date: 15 Oct 2018                      Posted By :PropCoach

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Real Estate Marketing Niche

"Real estate niche marketing might be contrary to the usual ways of business as finding your niche means narrowing down to a smaller, targeted group of people. However, we're going to explain to you why it might be a lucrative strategy for your real estate business. Here's the top 5 reasons w..."

Posted Date: 07 Oct 2018                      Posted By :PropCoach

Proven Marketing Model That Will Help Your Real Estate Business

" As a real estate agent myself, I’ve made many mistakes and suffered the consequences. I’ve spent thousands of dollars investing time and effort on ineffective ways. I kept getting low quality leads and had to consistently sell myself repeatedly. The hard truth is that real e..."

Posted Date: 17 Sept 2018                      Posted By :PropCoach

Top 20 Real Estate Hashtags To Get More Leads On Social Media

"Social media has and is currently the biggest hub of connecting and engaging with your audience. It helps to generate more leads in ways that are not possible few years before. But what's the most exciting part of social media is it already has tools prepared for you to engage even more audience..."

Posted Date: 10 Jul 2018                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Top 4 Ways A Real Estate Coach Can Help You

"Probably you have some goals you want to achieve in your Real Estate Career? Do you find it difficult to keep yourself committed and do the work that you need to do to achieve those GOALS? Working on your goals alone can be very difficult at times. Here are the top 4 ways of how a..."
Posted Date: 28 Mar 2018                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

The only way to build your real estate business!

"Real estate agents sometimes forget that they are running a business. But let’s agree today that you need to do one thing to call it a business. Your business is in your……. Last week I spoke with a real estate agent that has been in the real estate business for 9 years. We had a coach..."
Posted Date: 09 Mar 2018                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

How To Double Your Real Estate Leads In 30 Days With This Simple Strategy

"The most efficient and easiest strategy to get more real estate leads will be presented to you today. The reason for it's simplicity is the fact that you don’t need any tools, website, money, or even a brain! In your Real Estate business, there are multiple ways to get leads. There is..."
Posted Date: 13 Feb 2018                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Free Facebook strategy that will give your more leads today

"Are you getting tired of spending money on Facebook ads? Do you feel that all this money that you spend is not effective in giving you quality leads? This isn’t to say that all ads are a waste of money, but they can often be of low value and sometimes provide very little return. Especia..."
Posted Date: 18 Jan 2018                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

What does Facebook’s latest changes mean for the Real Estate advertising?

"BIG new last week after the post that Zuckerberg made regarding some BIG changes happening with Facebook. So what was the news? He wants to make sure the time people spend on Facebook is well spent. In his post on January 11th, Zuckerberg stated: “Based on this, we're ma..."
Posted Date: 10 Jan 2018                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Who Is Winning In The Real Estate: Facebook vs. Portals

"Facebook has always played an important role in the marketing of real estate professionals. Based on reports, agents are twice as likely to advertise on a listing portal than on social media. On the other hand, Facebook has never built features that directly provides services to real est..."
Posted Date: 12 Dec 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

6 Reasons Why You’re Not Closing Sales as A Real Estate Agent

"Ever ask yourself how fellow Real Estate Agents are selling multiple properties every month? With the same amount of time and work they spend on emails, calls and viewings as you? And sometimes they have only been in the business for 1 to 2 years? Meanwhile, you’re banging your head against..."
Posted Date: 04 Dec 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Zero to One Million in Real Estate 2.0

Are you ready to take your real estate career to the next level in 2018? Date: 23 & 24 January, 2018 Today is the day we open registration for Zero to One Million in Real Estate 2.0! --> BOOK HERE Why? Why? Why isn’t my Real Estate Business working?” That’s t..."
Posted Date: 13 Nov 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Why charging lower commission is not worth it?

"Warning: You might not have what it takes to charge higher commissions!! Let's put this to the test Here's the only question you need to ask yourself: Does your work give confidence to your clients that you will give them results? Think about it: Are you able to sel..."

Posted Date: 31 Oct 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

How Do Real Estate Agents Double Their Commission?

"Help others to achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours’’ – Les Brown There is only one real way to advance your Real Estate career, and that's by adding value to your customers every day. Sure, you may get lucky sometimes by getting a client that buys from you the first d..."
Posted Date: 23 Oct 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Secrets to a Happy Real Estate Lifestyle

"Yes that’s correct, I call real estate a lifestyle. You are a real estate agent 24/7, meaning that whatever you do or wherever you go, you will always have your real estate hat on. Today, we're going to talk about re-discovering the joy in your Real Estate business. Maybe it's been a..."
Posted Date: 16 Oct 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

20 ideas to be successful for real estate agents

"If you're having trouble breaking out the daily funk, here are 20 inspiring ideas that will help you reframe the way you think about real estate and success. Take some time to ponder because these are the things we tend to overlook: 1) Starting a real estate business wil..."
Posted Date: 21 Sept 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

7 habits from highly effective real estate agents

"Don't you just love quotes, I really do... Something like, “Motivation is what gets people started, Habits is what keeps people going!”. So what kind of habits are we talking about? Is it personal or business related? Well, I think it's a combination of both.. Because when..."

Posted Date: 30 June 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

22 ways to generate more real estate leads

"There are two reasons you have come to this page. 1. You have downloaded my famous Ebook ''22 ways to generate more real estate leads'' 2. You received a link to this page after one of our free coaching sessions. I'm so happy you came to this page, I just want to let you..."
Posted Date: 22 May 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

How to start my real estate career in the first 90 days?

"Lots of people will not agree with me, but I’m of the opinion that the first 90 days of your real estate career will be the most important ever. If you want to get in money fast, then it's crucial of what you do in these first 90 days. Before you start these first 90 days, there i..."

Posted Date: 08 May 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Still making money if clients don't want to work with you

"Accepting the fact that not everybody is going to like you in this world is one of the best ways to focus on your purpose, goals and business. Based on different cultures, religions, age and backgrounds not everybody will work with you. No matter how well you dress, stand up straight..."

Posted Date: 03 May 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Don’t join the 87% of people that fail in Real Estate because of this reason.

"There are many coaches or mentors that will agree, having the right attitude and skills will make you successful. And I agree on this, however there is a third thing you need to survive in the real estate business. It’s something you can learn or master. It comes with time and failure a..."
Posted Date: 13 Mar 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

The one simple thing you can do to get more clients today in real estate

"Steve Jobs once quoted: “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” When we are talking about simple, it doesn’t mean it can’t be hard. �..."
Posted Date: 06 Mar 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

The 3 most important secrets in Real Estate

"The 3 most important secrets in Real Estate This time we are going to cover something that not every agency will agree with me. This is a matter of opinion, so please don’t blame me for giving my thought. However, I do think that these three points are important fo..."
Posted Date: 04 Mar 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

Top 4 Communication Skills A Real Estate Agent Needs To Get More Clients

"In real estate, every client is different. They have different values, interests, concerns and wishes. For the real estate agent, it isn’t always easy to adapt to every client’s wish list. However, if you put in place these 4 communication skills, everyone will want to work with you. �..."
Posted Date: 04 Mar 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

3 Things You Should Do To Jump Start Your Real Estate Career

"There are many things a real estate agent can do to be successful, but it all starts with the basics. When you're starting in the real estate business, there are three main points to focus on. It took me a while to figure this out. I always thought I should go to the street ..."
Posted Date: 04 Mar 2017                      Posted By :Taco Heidinga

The Reason I started Real Estate Coaching

"For many years I rejected the idea I was the one that could help Real Estate Professionals to the next level. It was when I moved to Malaysia that I felt the need and passion to start helping Real Estate Professionals. Over the last 10 years I’ve lived in the Caribbean, where I got..."

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