The Company
To build real estate business leaders who impact and build the communities around them.
PropCoach International is a team of individuals who lead by example. From diverse backgrounds, we share the common goal of changing the world to be a better place where we not only live in peace and harmony, but a place where we can find our own happiness.

And why real estate? Because real estate is something that all people will come across, no matter our different walks of life. We understand that people share the common need of shelter, a place of permanence and stability, a place to call Home. And because of this, we believe we can make the greatest impact through real estate.

PropCoach is a passionate international team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to achieve the highest goals for their clients and themselves. We protect the needs of our customers with the highest integrity. We show a balanced and honest work ethic to make sure everyone will benefit greatly from our power education. Our full attention and obsession will be to create massive value to everyone that will be touched by PropCoach. We will help, protect and motivate people to achieve the goals they want to achieve.

At PropCoach, we believe in the power of teamwork and community. To truly move forward and reach for our dreams, we must work with and help each other. But before we can help one another, we also believe that we must first be able to help ourselves.

At PropCoach, our points of culture guide us in whatever that we do, be it at home or at work. We strive to bring positive change and massive value to the people we touch through PropCoach. We work with our clients and teach them the power of the PropCoach mindset, the impact of Exclusive listings for self and community, and the real results of Following Through.

Through PropCoach, our clients will learn and walk the PropCoach concept. Grow, Convert, Lead. Growth starts with the opening of the mind, followed by self-conversion through structured personal development, and then Lead by example through real action.

We will educate our clients and ourselves, together with all the people we touch with an extreme high quality. We strive to show a full roadmap for beginning, advanced and senior real estate professionals. Together with proven models and efficient tools we help every level to achieve their goals and dreams. Our ‘Power’ education is a combination of fun, speed, efficiency and quality to give the most value for money products, service and support.

We educate real estate professionals with the best real estate marketing and business development techniques using video, audio, social media, books, workbooks, blogs, workshops, seminars, podcasts and other upcoming technologies.

All clients, whether they are small, medium or large in size, will have the desire in having us help them in achieving their targets and goals. Our clients will be open to change their mindset in turning the current situation into a massive action breakthrough.
The Team
Taco Heidinga
  • In Real Estate since 2008 with experience in the following
  Building the 2nd largest Assets management company in Curacao, Caribbean.
  Real Estate agency from 2013 till 2016 with a team of highly productive agents
  Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing experience for Real Estate
  • RE/MAX Malaysia - responsible for the IT, Sales, Online Marketing and Training (MYREC, Tech Training, Social Media training, Office Training)
  • ​Outside of business, Taco is passionate mentor for entrepreneurs that just get started in the world of business. From the age of 23, Taco has started over 7 businesses and still gives advice and support to 3 of them.
Alexander See
  • Previously a certified business coach with ActionCOACH Malaysia
  The youngest certified ActionCOACH in South East Asia
  Greatest achievement was helping a client increase profit by 60% quarter on quarter
  Has coached and consulted over 30 different businesses from various industries including real estate development and sales.
  • Prior to business coaching, Alex worked for a boutique property developer and was in charge of the sales & marketing of their luxury condominium located along Jalan Ampang Hilir.
  • ​ Outside of business, Alex was also the President of the BNI group, Abundance. He led over 30 business owners and was responsible for growing the group in terms of size and business generated within the group. Through BNI, he also brought in RM12.5million worth of sales for the boutique property developer he was with.
Envisioned Future:
Creating more value in people lives and helping them reach for the things they believe in. We help people get the courage to do fun and exciting things. By practicing their values they will respect the right of other people. We let people grow into excellence by having a united platform of inspirational, motivational and valuable content that changes people lives every day. Propcoach is not a concept, but a lifestyle of free entrepreneurs that challenge the status quo to improve the market, the industry and the individual.
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